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Philipponnat’s 20 hectares of vines, situated at the heart of the Champagne wine-growing area in Ay, Mareuil-sur-Ay and Avenay, are classified Premier and Grand Cru. Philipponnat works to preserve these precious and fragile, centuries-old terroirs, by using natural methods to work the soil, hoeing by hand and ploughing with horses. The House has found the best possible way to renew its traditions while perpetuating the best they have to offer. Emphasis is put on conservation and meeting challenges to unceasingly improve the quality of the wines.

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In the Cellar

Le Secret

Philipponnat’s expertise is particularly apparent in its use of the solera process. This technique is a very longstanding House tradition; it consists of keeping reserve wines in oak barrels and including them in non-vintage blends (in a proportion of one quarter to one third) and using this blend as a reserve wine for the following blend. This progressive dilution allows every bottle to retain a trace of previous years’ wines blended since the very beginning. Successive Cellar Masters have attached great importance to handing down this expertise.

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All the way to the Bottle

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Philipponnat was the first Champagne House to indicate the main year used in its non-vintage blends, the dosage and the date of disgorgement on back labels, informing consumers and wine experts of the characteristics of each cuvée.