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The House’s representatives, and in particular Charles Philipponnat (its Chairman) but also Nicolas Ayme, Antoine Julliard, Nicolas d’Ormesson and Thomas Jorez, are its primary ambassadors. As such, they are passionate about passing on the House spirit and safeguarding its brand image with customers and partners both in France and abroad.

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Wine Experts


Philipponnat has always practised highly selective distribution among the best wine-merchants and restaurants, as well as transparent communication to build a relationship of trust with all those who have now become the House’s friends. This is reciprocated by its partners who are steadfastly loyal to the wines. The House’s wines are enjoyed in the best hotels and restaurants throughout the world, testifying to universal recognition of their consistent quality.

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Connoisseurs & Amateurs


A taste for high standards, a strong identity and enjoyment of quality and conviviality: these are the values which Philipponnat shares with every single loyal customer, whether they be connoisseurs or amateurs of fine wines, private individuals or professionals, wine-merchants or collectors, sommeliers in a star-ranking restaurant or a luxury hotel.